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Welcome To Machine Liker

Boost your facebook likes comments with the ultimate Machine Liker tool! Increase likes and comments effortlessly. Try it now for instant popularity

Instant Likes & Comment

You can gain as many of your facebook status, photos and videos likes as you want by useing the latest machine liker apk. Machine liker app also help you to get lots of comment on your Facebook public post without any cost

100% Free

You can Use any machine tools without any cost. It is totally Free. Machine Liker app is offering 100% free service from many years. You don’t need to pay anything to get likes and comments and reactions

Safe & Secure

Any King of information you enter in Machine Liker app is highly Safe & Secure. The app is scanned by useing various Anti-virus software like Norton Security, Avast & Shield. The result is fully safe to use. You can rest assured that we are not selling of your data,no unwanted logging data.

Login Method For Machine Liker

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Machine Liker? This is a Facebook auto liker application which is beneficial to get maximum likes and comments on your Facebook posts.


Is Machine Liker safe to use? Yes, as I mentioned above, the app has been scanned by using various anti-virus software like Shield, Norton Security, virustotal, Avast, and AVG Antivirus. Also, machine liker never saves your password or other sensitive information. That's why it is safe to use.


Will my Facebook account be locked or disabled if I login to Machine Liker? No, your account will not be locked or disabled if you log into Machine Liker App. However, in some cases, Facebook locks or disables some accounts. To prevent your account from getting locked or disabled, make sure to login with a fake Facebook account into this application. After you're logged in, you can send likes or followers to your main account using the Custom URL feature.


Machine Liker has earned widespread recognition as a prominent auto liker globally. Operating on a likes exchange system, it facilitates automatic likes and comments on users' posts while reciprocating the same from others' accounts. As a free Facebook auto liker and commenter, Machine Liker allows users to enhance the engagement on their public posts without any cost. It effectively boosts the likes on Facebook posts, statuses, videos, photos, and profile pictures, making it an indispensable tool for social media enthusiasts. Notably, there are several other FB auto likers similar to Machine Liker in functionality and purpose.

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